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Services for companies

The office has a large experience and competence in the judicial and extrajudicial field in labour, union and social protection law, referring to all the main arears of production.
Legal assistance
It covers all the controversies regarding the management of labour report (in particular: individual and collective dismissals, claims for higher qualifications, compensation claims damages for harassment and demotion, controversies related to social protection (such as for example the ones against the entries of the office in the commercial management at INPS).
Assistance and extrajudicial consultancy may consist in:
  • consulting also by telephone or e-mail, and editing all the papers meeded for the staff management (e.g: letters of appleal procedures,the interpretation of legal provisions and contractual clauses, office transfers, functions changes, promotions, bonuses, premiums, superminimi, etc.);
  • support in fostering individual and collective contracts, independent labour contracts, company contracts, etc.);
  • support in writing internal rules (eg disciplinary codes, policies of Internet and e-mail use, company properties attribution, etc.);
  • drafting memorandums and opinions; risk assessment derived from current and potential controversies.
  • the assessment of the risk derived from current and potential controversies.
Consultancy on labour issues, whose role is fundamental in preventing legal charges, is taken forward in close collaboration with company's managers andd may include:
  • union procedures and formalities stipulated in Law 223/1991:CIG ordinary and extraordinaryaccess, collective firing and assignaments;
  • union procedures and estimated formalities for company transfers and harmonization agreements.
  • relations with public institutions: Ministry of Labour and Social Security, INAIL, INPS;
  • legal departement in matters of social protection and insurance: preparation of administrative appeals and assistance before and after; appeals against administrative sanctions procedures and assistance in that legal departement;
  • collection of contributions owed to complementaries forms of retirement;
  • company's conditions analysis according to labour reports and taxes and contributions formalities;
  • building retributivepolicies,contractual harmonizations;
  • assistance in case of verificationby inspection and ralations with Social Protection Institutions and Institutes.

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