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Services for the worker

The office provides advice and judicial and extrajudicial assistance in matters of dismissals appleals procedures (both individual and collective), tranfers, term contracts,recognition of subordinate work, disciplinary sanctions, higher qualification demand,credit recovery,disqualification and dismissal, patrimonial and extra-patrimonial damages compensation.

The office attends inclusively the field of subordinated workers and temporary work, but also provides assistance for all the forms of  “precarious work” established by Biagi Law (work on project, workeforce management, enterprises, occasional work, integration contracts, the new apprenticeship, the new part-time, distributed work, intermittent work, etc.).

In particular, it deales with issues related to liquidation of ended report treatments, wotk accidents and diseases and finally with matters regarding sickness and maternity allowance, as well as applying the norm designed to protect the worker Mom and people with disabilities and their families.

Many executives, finally address to the Office,always when their labour report is finished in order to obtain a professional assistance that will protect them in the difficult breakdown that eventually leads to the compromise of trust report with the company, where they were, until recently, real and self-called “alter ego”.

For several years, the Office offers tutory to commercial agents for legal advisory when signing the agency vontract, of course, apart from all the legal department hypotheses that may arise during the execution of the contract and in the time of ending the report.

Assistance and advice towards the worker may include:

  • recourses in matters of labour and social protection law before Magistracy of Labour of first and second degree;
  • assistance in voluntary attempt of conciliation;
  • assistance in disciplinary and arbitration procedures;
  • earnings and TFR recovering;
  • insinuation in passive bankruptcy procedures, concordat, etc.
  • filling and sending the forms through telecommunication to the Guarantee and Treasury Fund, besides Inps;
  • editing and sending ASPI and Mini-Aspi requests via telecommunication.

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